FACTS n Nutshell


Indoor Virtualisation creates Digitalisation of your Buidlings. At its core it enables a Buidling Information Model (BIM). Preferably we like to talk about adding collective knowledge to your organisation by digitizing your Infrastructre. It is a digital taylor-made suit to your business processes at a fundamental level.

Direct Values

Using the Inoor Viewer Plattform, combines several Use Cases immediately.


Capture Crucial Data of your Infrastructure and Exploit given Opportunities. Learn more about it personal.

Tailor Made

It Results in a Tailor Made Digital Solution without a complex project.


You are going to establish the base of a Building Information Model, at its Heart,

Indoor Viewer Software

# Shows high-res images
# Creates Point of Interest
# Render 5mm point clouds
# Geo-locate and align dataset
# Indoor Viewer – Deliverd Apps
# Share deep links to exakt positions
# Integrate User Management
# Display it on all Screens and Devices

Immidiate Results

# 360 Grade Panorama Views
# 3D Pointcloud
# Further Sensoric Outcomes
# Automated Post Processing
# Indoor Viewer – Deliverd Apps
# Plain Datasets for further Processing

Perspectivity and Interaction

Provides an Indoor Information System to your Organisation

Canalise Workflow

Canalise Workflow using Information by exact location.

Collective Knowledge

Enable collective knowlodge to your organisaton.


„State of the Art“ Technology and Applications – meets easy Implementation.
Big meaning! Considering IT Scalability and Sustainablitiy for Coorparates.