It is as simple as it is to use!

Have a try! Enabeling visitors to virtualy visit your Museums and Public Spaces.


Visitors would not only visit your Indoor Space by Internet, they would like to inform themself about the venue and about deeper information. Everybody loves to have a visit and inspiration before and after his actual visit. Just as we do it with the existing Internet Services, every day.

Furthermore ad deeper information, create values and open up individual possibilities.
Applying the basic Indoor Viewer with is basic use cases means a imens value creation to your digital services. Adding further mulitmedia content is always a option, but not a must to deliver high values such as:

Example of the Indoor Viewer by Deutsches Museum

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Concept and realisation by Baro & Pfannenstein Partner of Navvis.

Your Solution with Indoor Viewer

Learn more about the basic services provided by Indoor Viewer and adding multimedia values.

Salon de Amateurs

Showing a 3D Pointcloud Layer. The Scanning was a testscanning and completed in 15 min.

SALON DE AMATEURS is a popular cultural insititution for avantgarde electronic musik. As a Part of the ARTHALL DÜSSELDORF – Salon de Amateurs is a Cafe, Bar and little Night Club in the middle of the internationally famous Oldtown in Düsseldorf. It was our first scanning project dedicated to the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf as a part of a progressive pilot to evaluate and present use cases. Reuslts are not dedicated to public demonstration.

Are you in town ? Have a look a at the cultural programm of the Salon the Amateurs